New Windows Vista Release This Week

Microsoft has plans of making a new Windows Vista build available to testers this week. The new build will have some significant improvements that allow Vista to use less system resources. I am definitely curious what the “system resources” refers to because it could mean less hard drive space, less ram, or many other things. They still say that you should have 512MB of RAM to run Vista smoothly.

I have tested Vista on both my laptop and my desktop but I now refuse to use it on my laptop. My 7-hour battery life in Windows XP quickly drops to less than 3-hours when using Vista. This isn’t a drawback when using my desktop but the whole point of a laptop is portability, and Vista sure lacks the ability to use its resources effectively.

The expected build number was not mentioned but recent screenshots of Vista 5466 were posted to the Web. This version became popular because it was the first set of screenshots that we saw the new non-Aero Vista theme in action. The previous build that was released to testers was 5456 so I would think that the build number would be a little higher than 5466, but I’m no expert.

I expect this release to be like the last one and only be available to Microsoft Connect subscribers. The next build that will be publicly available is Release Candidate 1 (RC1). Those people who installed and activated Beta 2 should receive RC1 at no cost when it is released.