New Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Opened to Developers

There’s lots of news in the messenger world today! First, as written about earlier, the Windows Live Messenger download links are active. Subsequently, Yahoo is launching a Yahoo Messenger 8.0. The difference with this new release will be the added release of a software development kit. This kit gives third party access to developers who want to create plug-ins.

There are two types of categories for Yahoo Messenger, conversation and personal plug-ins. One example TechCrunch gave of a conversation plug-in is the ability for two people chatting to be able to pull up a Yahoo Map to discuss restaurants or other pegged locations. Personal plug-ins reduces or eliminates the need to open a browser with options to add news, a calendar, etc.

The release of 8.0 and the software development kit can really only mean more options for messenger users in the future! Some applications have become more well known and used due to the creative, useful plug-ins that have been created for them the obvious and first to come to mind being Firefox.

Also worth noting, it was reported that Microsoft’s Live Messenger was thought to allow users to add their Yahoo contacts. Live Messenger has been released but without this feature.

UPDATE: Download Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Beta