Yahoo Photos Yahoo has finally brought their new photo service out of Beta for United States residents. I really love how the site is laid out and it does a good job of fully utilizing the capabilities that AJAX has to offer.

It boggles my mind why Yahoo has two photo services (they own Flickr as well). Isn’t there a way that they could combine both of these? I guess it might be difficult because the type of people that use Flickr may not be the same type of people that use Yahoo Photos. One thing is for sure and that is they should let users of Yahoo Photos bring their pictures over to Flickr or visa versa. Maybe you can do that but I don’t see the option.

I am not currently using an online photo service because all of them that I try never have support for sub-albums. If I am going to organize my photos online that is one thing that I really need. Hopefully someone will come out with that soon!

News Source: CNet