is known as one of the best places on the web for purchasing computer hardware, software, and just about anything else tech related.

I’m sure some of you have turned to them for tech projects like building your own computer or setting up a home theater system.

Recently they started a new beta site called Eggxpert so that people can share their “eggxpertise,” people like you who meet some of the beta tester requirements:

  • Opens their computer case more often than the manual
  • Upgrades their PC every six months because they can!
  • Needs perfect lighting in every family photo
  • Desires to be like any of the people above

So many people that come to Eggxpert will be able offer great advice to others who are wanting to do the same types of projects which will make it a great resource.

The site launched at the beginning of April and already has 5,500 members and over 2,444 different threads.

Newegg already had a great commenting system on their site that would give any buyer insight on the products before buying, and users are always really good about going back to the product after receiving it to say what they thought of it. However, I think Eggxpert will turn into a great community of people that will be able to share information and answer questions more than what Newegg is  already able to do in their commenting system.

Source: DailyTech