YoutubelogoNews Corp and NBC are said to be teaming up to take on YouTube, and they’re expected to make an official announcement soon. If rumors are right, the new site could launch this Summer.

What they do have going for them is the simple, but very important fact that they own their content.  There’s no deal making that needs to go on as far as content is concerned. It’s also been said that they’ve gathered up help and made deals with Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and MySpace who should syndicate those videos.

While it seems all to soon to label this the “YouTube Killer,” they do have some big names on board with them to push the effort along. According to the LA Times, News Corp and NBC say they believe that “viewers will eventually get tired of the amateur videos that populate YouTube and other video-sharing sites, and that professionally produced material will win out.”

Whether or not that’s true, YouTube does have a couple of great things going for them.  First of all, their name. They’ve established themselves, and people know the name. They also have a huge fan base, die-hard YouTube users who enjoy the amateur videos and could care less about the professionally produced material.

On the other hand, this new effort would have popular shows like 24, Family Guy, The Office, and Heroes which could definitely draw a crowd, and users will be able to “modify shows and movies and share them with friends.” YouTube Killer? Possibly. But I think it’s way too early to put those two words together.

Source: Mashable