In keeping you up to date with happenings over at Flock (social web browser based off of Firefox), I thought I’d fill you in with the latest news. First, after Mozilla released their update ( recently, Flock was able to release their update, 0.7.9.  This update included a few changes such as support for Blogger Beta (now out of Beta), an incorporated update to cLucene indexer, and better error handling for uploading photos to Photobucket. You can download Flock here.

In other Flock news, back in November, they welcomed a new CEO, Shawn Hardin.  Under new leadership, they are trying to determine what will be best for Flock. It’s possible that they may skip the 0.8 and 0.9 milestones so that they’re able to release 1.0 as soon as possible.  They’re also trying to determine exactly what 1.0 will consist of. They would “rather deliver a quality product that people enjoy and understand than meet an arbitrary release date.”

We’ll continue to follow Flock and of course will let you know when a milestone has been released.