It seems like all of a sudden everyone is using Newshutch as an RSS feed reader. Well, maybe not everyone because it isn’t even in the top ten most used feed readers for this site yet, but I noticed that it was mentioned over in the forum along with several emails I have received referring to it.

I decided to check it out for myself and have to admit that I am amazed with the simplicity (and power) that it offers as an online feed reader. I use the freeware application from myself but if you are looking for something to manage your feeds online then I would rank this right up there with Google Reader. It is loaded with the AJAX goodness that we all love but not enough to overwhelm you.

They do, of course, have the OPML compatibility so that you can import your existing list of feeds. The options are appear to be a little scarce right now but that might be because it is so well designed. One thing that really impressed me is that when you subscribe to a feed you can customize the length (days, weeks, forever, etc..) it will show you previous postings…and the number of items that we provide in our feed for CyberNet is 10. Newshutch must have had us in their database because it was able to retrieve 87 of our previous postings which makes it easier to analyze the quality of a new feed that you are adding.

So if you’re still in search of an online feed reader that will fit your needs I would surely try out Newshutch. If you already found the perfect match why don’t you share it with us over in the forum! ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip and the people over in the forum!