ZuneWe haven’t really heard much about the Zune since it launched, other than an update here and there. The last we heard was when it became Vista Compatible back in December. The latest news is that Update 1.3 will be available soon.

According to Zune Insider, around March 20th, or mid-march, Zune Firmware update 1.3 will be available with a few new changes. The changes they list include:

  • We’re fixing the skipping problem that some users were experiencing – that is, content acquired from Zune Marketplace will no longer skip when played on the device.
  • Improved device and software reliability, when it comes to device detection, and improved sync’ing.
  • We’ve made some changes to the FM Tuner so it no longer drains the battery when in sleep mode.

People have been waiting patiently for this update, and from the sounds of it, people are already disappointed with the slim list of changes. They expected more features from Microsoft, but it appears Microsoft focused more on the bugs.