While the Wiimote has been able to impress and amaze millions of people out there, it has been lacking something for others. What was it lacking you ask? The capability to sense even the slightest movements. For some games, the Wiimote just wasn’t precise enough in detecting how the user was moving their Wiimote. To help with this problem, Nintendo has released an add-on called MotionPlus.

MotionPlus is the solution to requests for a Wiimote that has superb motion controls. As shown in the photo below, it fits right on to the bottom of the current Wiimote and just extends the length a bit. Because it’s an add-on and not something that Nintendo built right-in to the existing Wiimote, users will have to determine if they want to spend the extra money on it. Unfortunately this new add-on will only work with games designed to take advantage of the technology. This means that all of the games you currently have in your library won’t work with MotionPlus.

wii motionplus.png

At this point there is only one game that takes advantage of MotionPlus and it’s called Wii Sports Resort. You must have the add-on attached to the Wiimote if you want to play the game. Gizmodo put it to the test and said it was undeniable that MotionPlus does add “true 1:1 movement support.” A Nintendo spokesman described it and said “It renders every light shift of the wrist or arm into the gameplay.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now we need to talk about the down-sides of this add-on. First of all, it costs money and will ultimately make the system more expensive. Consumers will need to buy controllers, nunchucks, and now the MotionPlus add-on for a true Wii experience. Another thing to keep in mind is that as game developers put MotionPlus to good use, those who really didn’t want to “upgrade” their controllers will be forced to if they want to be able to play the latest games.

We weren’t able to find any details about pricing, but if it’s anything like the Nunchuck, expect to spend at least $20 on it.

Source: Gizmodo