After 22 years of glory, Nintendo has finally decided to retire their beloved NES. Wait, you didn’t know that it wasn’t retired yet? Me neither. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that Nintendo was still supporting a system that’s been out of their big picture for quite some time now.  Not to say that there aren’t plenty of NES fans and users out there, because there are, but it’s just hard to believe that they were still offering hardware support for a product that debuted back in 1985. I’m assuming I’m not the only one that wasn’t aware of this, and now that it’s been made public that support will end on October 31st, I could see people digging their NES consoles out and sending them in to Nintendo for repairs before it’s too late.

nes retired

Nintendo’s NES isn’t the only console that they are dropping support for. Also on the list is Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, and Gameboy Pocket lines.  Apparently NES was the lucky one to get an extra long support life, because Nintendo 64 has only been around for about half the time – since March 1st, 1997 in North America. As you can imagine, there’s a lot that people have to say around the web regarding this. Over at Digg, their users had plenty to say:

  • “Nintendo supported the NES till now?????????? Why haven’t I known this????” by doshindude
  • “As long as my Commodore 64 is still supported by Commodore International, I can live.” by andrewcsayer
  • “In other news: Nintendo sees a 2300% peak in broken NES’s being sent in for repair after digg users realize they are still supported until the 31st. Numerous repair techs dead after blowing in nearly 10,000 cartridge slots.” by ChromaVita
  • “I just know the second they stop supporting it mine will stop working.” by rivalius

How many of you out there are still playing your ole’ NES and just hoping nothing goes wrong with it after October 31st?

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