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If you are as excited about many people about the recent release of the Xbox 360 then you might be happy to hear that it will be put into a concept vehicle from Nissan. Of course, since it is a concept car then it will not be available for consumers like us to purchase. Why is this good news then? One point of making concept cars is to see which features really attract the consumers attention, and then they put those features in the cars that are produced. So, if this seems to be a feature that is in high demand, then we could possibly see these going into the minivans or possibly even cars.

In the concept car that they plan on putting it in near the stereo, so it will allow you to play games only if the car is parked (for obvious reasons). It will be sporting a 7″ screen but would a computer make better use rather than an Xbox? It is possible with Microsoft’s future operating system Windows Vista that a computer may be a better option. Some people have already put Windows Media Center computers in their cars and trucks, so we know it is possible. A computer would definitely add a lot of benefits to a car.

News Source: Unofficial Microsoft Weblog