No Firefox 2 Beta 2 Until August 15Even though we were hoping and dreaming of a Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 as early as next week you might be disappointed to find out that it has been pushed back to August 15. I have to admit that I was very unhappy to find this out because I really want to see the Visual Refresh first-hand, but I wasn’t surprised. The refresh looks so sleek and really seems to keep it simple which is what I like most about the default Firefox theme.

The rest of the schedule looks like it will remain the same (or they haven’t revised the whole schedule yet which is probably more likely):

  • UPDATED: Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 – August 15
  • Firefox 2.0 RC1 – September 1
  • Firefox 2.0 RC2 – September 8
  • Firefox 2.0 RC3 – September 15
  • Firefox 2.0 Final – September 26

As always I will let you know as soon as they implement the new theme into the nightly builds. In the meantime you can checkout what steps they have already taken to prepare for the upcoming refresh.