firefox spotlight There is a lot of talking going around the Internet about Firefox 3 Beta being ready for mass usage. It’s because of an article by Reuters where the creators of Firefox supposedly told them that the Firefox 3 Beta is ready for everyone to use after months of being in development.

The problem is that Reuters is really making it sound like everyone should go out and download Firefox 3 Beta as if it was officially released. I’ve been using nightly builds of Firefox 3 for months, and I can say that it has come a long ways. However, I wouldn’t go putting it on my mom’s computer because there are still some things that need to be polished before the browser is pushed out the door.

What I noticed is that Reuters doesn’t explicitly quote someone from Mozilla as saying that it is ready for prime-time, but they do have Mozilla’s Vice President saying that it is “much more stable than anything else out there.” Sure it might be stable, but what about the dozens or even hundreds of extensions that aren’t going to work like they do in Firefox 2? The developers and power users who are already using the Beta know what they could be getting themselves into.

I have a feeling that Reuters took some things out of context and drew up their own conclusion as to whether Firefox 3 Beta is ready for the masses, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement by Mozilla saying that this isn’t meant for everyone quite yet. I mean really, if everyone should be using it then why hasn’t it been officially released?

If you do want to give the latest Firefox 3 Beta a whirl I highly recommend snagging it from PortableApps. That way you can see what it has to offer and determine whether it is ready for you without having to install a thing, and your previous Firefox profiles will remain untouched.