We saw the pictures and mock ups of a Google phone, and people speculated on features that it might have. Now analysts are saying that there’s no secret Google phone in the works. Instead, Google is working on software for mobile phones, and location finding services to work with the iPhone. Now that’s an idea, work with Apple instead of competing against them.

When Google was asked about this, the response from their spokeswoman was, “Mobile is an important area for Google.  We remain focused on creating applications and establishing and growing partnerships with industry leaders to develop innovative services for users worldwide.  However, we have nothing further to announce.”

Creating software sounds like something that Google would get into, more so than developing a low cost Internet phone to complete with the iPhone.  There’s always speculation about products Google might launch, and so far the hardware speculations have always proven to be false like the Google Computer that  was rumored to be in the works.

Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist said that building a phone would change Google’s business model, which is true. They’ve always been software focused, which is probably how it should remain. For now anways.

Source: Computer World