There’s so much talk these days of ways that we can “go green” and how everybody can make a difference. Apparently AT&T hasn’t put any effort into ways that they can go green to save the Earth and save money at the same time. iPhone bills have gone out and they are massive! We’re talkin’ 52 double-sided pages, or a total of 104 printed pages. Talk about a waste of paper!

Cell phone bills have always seemed difficult to read and understand what it was that you were being charged for, but now imagine 104 pages of that! I don’t envy anybody who has to sift through all of those pages to review what they were charged for, and if any mistakes were made. We all know that some of these companies do make mistakes and charge you for something you didn’t use, but it may not be worth the time it’ll take to check and see.

What’s even worse is that AT&T is itemizing all of the data usage used when someone surf’s the web with the EDGE network. Most iPhone customers have unlimited data plans, so the itemization would only make sense for those who are on limited plans. This image from Ars shows the itemized data portion of the bill, and as you can see, the total charge for each was $0!

Data usage

While AT&T really isn’t in a “green” frame of mind, you can easily solve this problem by opting into their paperless billing. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to go without those 50 extra sheets of paper every month and save a tree or two.