A new website launched the other day called Quarkbase, and its goal is to provide details about all kinds of different websites. It gives you details like who owns the site, ways to contact them, how many articles are on Digg, and so on. It’s a pretty cool service and all, but I’ll admit that I didn’t have any intention of writing about it.

Why the sudden change of heart? Several of our readers have obviously looked us up because we’ve received a half dozen emails regarding the details about who owns us. I have no idea how but it says that the owner of our site is “Microsoft Corporation,” and places to contact us are the Internet Explorer Developer Center, Engineering Windows 7 blog, and other Microsoft-owned sites:

(Click to Enlarge)

Wow! If Microsoft owns us they sure aren’t paying us very well. And where are my free lunches? Not to mention the fact that we’d probably be exiled from the Redmond campus by now since we’re MacBook Pro and iPhone owners. ;)

Sure we’ve been called Microsoft fanboys in the past because we actually find Vista to be a decent operating system, but I have no idea how Quarkbase gathered that we’re owned by them. Guess they still have some quarks quirks they need to work out.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. You can put the paper bag down because it won’t help with your hyperventilating. Just breathe slowly, and give your teddy bear a hug. CyberNet is the “mom and pop shop” that it’s always been.