Between yesterday and today, we’ve gotten several emails from some of you wondering why you were receiving an error when trying to submit articles from CyberNet to Digg. We contacted Digg in regards to the error and received this response:

When submitted stories are consistently reported as spam and users complain via our feedback email about submission spam, we ban the domain. The domain will not be unbanned. The domain would consistently get reported as spam otherwise.

As a result, we’ve removed the Digg button that was on the top of each article. We know a lot of our readers are also Digg users and felt it was necessary to give a quick explanation.  This posting in no way is meant to criticize Digg. Unfortunately there are a good chunk of people on Digg who do not value the quality news that can come from all of the many weblogs out there today. So, a quick thanks to all those who have submitted our articles, particularly “curtissthompson”, “motang”, “SG-1″, “jasonhe”.

We enjoy Digg ourselves but more recently it appears a few more checks and balances need to be put in place if users will continue to control the content. One definition of SPAM according to Digg is when a story is submitted for personal gain. I’m pretty confident none of the people above or any of the others that submitted our articles gained anything ;) (your check is in the mail guys…).