What timing. The Halo 3 beta was just launched out to a pool of overly-excited fans, with a chunk of them undoubtedly using a modded Xbox. Unfortunately for them, Microsoft is cracking the whip and denying consoles with modded firmware access to Live.  This means that they aren’t able to play the most anticipated game of the year with others online.

Any Xbox that has been detected to have modified firmware will be banned from connecting to live.  For those who liked to play their games multi-player with others online, this isn’t a good day for them. For those who don’t care and would rather play games by themselves on their modded console, this is no big deal. The image below shows the message some users are receiving:


Generally, the comments around the web tend to be positive and people are happy that Microsoft is taking the steps to cut them off.  It’s another way for Microsoft to help curb piracy, and a big way to help eliminate unfair play online.

In part of a statement from Microsoft, they said that “This is an important part of our efforts to try and maintain a fair gaming environment for the large majority of gamers that play by the rules.”Those who have accounts that are found to have a modified system will still have access to Live, they just won’t be able to do it from their console.

Clearly Microsoft can do whatever they want with Live, but do you think they were right in doing this?

Source: Xbox 360 Fanboy