Windows Vista Logo Microsoft has finally depleted their supply of 100,000 downloads that they were giving out of Vista 5536. That build is considered to be Pre-RC1 but you shouldn’t be too disappointed if you didn’t get an opportunity to download it. If RC1 remains on schedule it should be available sometime next week.

The site for the download now says:

The Customer Preview Program is now closed.

We have reached our goal of 100,000 downloads for the pre-RC1 release and the program is now closed. Windows Vista RC1 will be available in the coming weeks. Please refer to the Customer Preview Program website for information, including DVD-burning instructions.

I am extremely happy that Microsoft did this because it is a really stable release for everything that I have been running on it. This is now my primary operating system on two computers and the only thing I lack is a widespread AntiVirus compatibility. AVG seems to be doing well for me but I was hoping to use Avast. For more details on the compatibility issue please refer to my previous article.

Remember that your Beta 2 keys do work with this build and can be activated on up to 10 different machines (I think that is what the number was). Happy testing!