It’s true, Nokia unveiled their “iPhone Clone” at their GoPlay event this morning. It’s buttonless, and looks extremely similar to the iPhone.  And Nokia isn’t shying away from the fact that they “copied” off of Apple. In fact, their Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia said, “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.” So apparently innovation goes out the door when “something good” comes along?

If Nokia can sell their iPhone version for less than what Apple sells their for, and can also sell it unlocked, they’ll likely be extremely successful. Copying is not always a bad thing, but hopefully they’ll add unique features to it. And maybe they’ll even make an effort to improve on some of the things that Apple missed like the ability to copy and paste?

Nokia iphone

Knowing Apple fans and how loyal they tend to be, I thought it would be worth it to see their reaction to the “iPhone Clone,” so I headed over to The Unofficial Apple Weblog where the Apple fans definitely had something to say. Some of the highlights:

  • “Apple better do something to stop them from releasing this second-rate, knocked-off monstrosity.”
  • Is this Nokia’s idea of a joke or what?
  • Nokia could NEVER compete with Apple. Not even in their wildest dreams.

Another comment from TUAW falls in line with my thinking. In the business world as we’ve seen over and over again: “At the end of the day if you believe you can’t beat it, copy it. It’s not right, but business is business” Was I surprised Nokia took this route? Absolutely not! And they won’t be the only ones either. In a way, this is a compliment to Apple for the innovation that went into the iPhone. And to think, the companies that will end up copying them have been in the cell phone industry for years! You’d think they would have been the ones to come out with a an innovative phone like the iPhone first, not a computer company! Competition is usually never a bad thing, and in this situation, I think only good will come from it.

Source: Engadget