Just last night netster007x posted a comment about an awesome extension he found called LocationBar2. He said that he found it via FFExtensionGuru’s Blog that linked to the Firefox 3 meeting notes which had a list of extension nominations. These nominations are ideas of what people would like to see included in the final release of Firefox 3. Here are the extensions currently up for nomination along with some information for each one:

  • URLFixer – This will monitor the URL’s that you enter in and try to catch any typos that you make.
  • LocationBar² – This reminds me of a feature that Vista currently has in Windows Explorer. It essentially creates a breadcrumb trail to the folder that you are currently in so that navigating to another position is just one click away. This extension is really amazing and I can see how it would be useful to a lot of people.
  • Firebug – This is used by developers to make designing and testing a website a little easier. For a full list of features see our latest review.
  • Console² – This would replace the JavaScript Error console and adds some extra features.
  • Site Specific Prefs – This extension lets you save your preferences on a site-by-site basis. It will do things like remember the text zoom as well as some other things. I think this one is also a great idea.
  • Investigate download manager extensions – Sounds like they want to enhance the functionality of the built-in download manager. There are several download manager extensions which is probably why they didn’t list one in particular, but the most popular is probably DownThemAll.
  • Print Hint – If a printer-friendly version of a website exists a little icon next to the Address Bar will show up to notify users.
  • TableTools – Develop something that isn’t exactly like the extension, but allow for certain operations on tables. That way users could do things like sort them all from within the browser.
  • Searchbar Autosizer – Have the Search Bar automatically size itself as the user types their query string. One of the best things about the extension is that it also has the option to clear the Search Bar after performing a search. I, however, think that the SearchLoad extension is a little better even thought it doesn’t do the automatic resizing.

There is a section for “other extensions” that includes some popular ones like Tab Mix Plus, but it doesn’t look like those have been nominated yet. Some of these extensions offer some great features that would all add to the greatness of Firefox 3, but I wonder which one(s) they will actually end up implementing?

Out of the extensions listed above, which do you think should be integrated with Firefox 3? I think I have to agree with what nester007x said in his comment that LocationBar2 is the best out of all of them.