PandoraPandora has become a pretty popular way to find and listen to the music on the web.  Their music discovery service helps users find other songs that they might liked based upon a song that they know they already like.  After naming that song, the service goes to work and creates a station that is filled with music that is analyzed to be similar to the song that you entered.

Up until now, most people worldwide were able to access this service. Unfortunately from now on, Pandora will be checking the IP address to determine the country that the user is connecting from. Pandora had always been considered a US service only, however the only method for determining that the user was in the United States was a zip code.  Anybody could enter in a United States zip code and then they’d easily have access to the service.

The reason behind all of this is that the music people listen to is licensed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  In order for Pandora to stream music around the World, the licenses must be agreed upon and approved by those who hold the rights to the music. Right now it has only been approved for the United States.

Until they are able to obtain international licenses, only US users will be able to use this service. Canada and the UK will probably be first on the list to gain access to the service because Pandora has already been working on deals for those countries. Hopefully from here on out, it will only be good news as more countries are added to the list.

Source: BBC