All you Europeans out there will be quick to tell us North Americaners about how you’ve already had 3D navigation maps thanks to the Nav N Go iGO8. Sure, you got the iPhone after we did, but there are a lot of things that Europeans get before we do – and 3D maps on GPS devices are one of them. That’s likely about to change soon  though with an announcement at CES that Nav N Go will be making their software suite available to manufacturers. Unless there’s some reason I’m unaware of, I’m sure U.S. manufacturers will jump at the chance to include the 3D software on their devices.

3d gps

So when we hear 3D navigation maps, what all does that mean? Well, it means that not only will you be able to see landmarks and buildings in 3D, the roads will be elevated, terrain is shown, and you can see up to 13 miles in a single view. Impressive, isn’t it? Additionally, according to Mobile Magazine, the software comes with pre-installed games, travel guides, and a built-in music and video player. It’s not that the 3D buildings really make a difference in terms of getting from point A to point B — the GPS works just fine without.  It is nice though to be able to see the landmarks and the buildings as they are approaching. The image above shows you what you’d see if you were driving down Las Vegas Blvd. Notice the “Eiffel Tower?” To get an even better idea of what a 3D GPS experience would be like, the YouTube video below is worth watching.