notes application.png

One of my favorite applications on my computer is definitely Evernote, but there are a lot of people I talk with that don’t like the complexity it has to offer. They just want something simple that they can use to jot down a phone number or other basic information. For them I typically recommend Simplenote since so many different apps have been created to sync with this free online service.

If you use Simplenote you may want to check out an equally simple desktop application called Notes that syncs with the Simplenote service. As you can see from the screenshot above there isn’t a lot of features packed into this portable program, but that’s intentional. Here are some of the features the developer points out:

  • Plain text database
  • On the fly note saving, no need to remember filenames or locations
  • A portable app with no external DLLs or other installation hell. Copy the directory to your flash drive and take it with you
  • Database export function that will save each note as a single plain text file for archiving
  • A UI that is simple by default (if you press F9 you can even hide the toolbar) and keyboard driven. You can leave your mouse home.

One thing they don’t mention is that this also works great with a service such as Dropbox since it’s portable. Everything is stored in one directory (including the data file) which makes it easy to sync across multiple computers. So if you’ve been looking for a simple note taking app this is definitely a worthwhile contender.

Notes Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)