Notepad ++

Notepad++ is definitely my favorite Notepad replacement because of the extensive features that it has built-in. A lot of applications are going to tabbed interfaces these days and Notepad++ realized the importance of this early on, which is actually why I started using it in the first place. Being able to have multiple documents open in the same window is a huge plus not to mention how much room it saves on your Taskbar.

Version 4 brings some new goodies to the table  and now includes the Explorer plug-in pictured on the left-side in the screenshot above. It actually lets you navigate your hard drive so that you can easily open up the documents without fussing with a popup window. Besides for that there are a lot of bug fixes so the upgrade is highly recommended:

  • Fix the crash issue.
  • Add Docking feature for plugin dialogs.
  • Fix the bug that current “open” and “save as” directory are unchanged with the shortcut Ctrl+Tab.
  • Fix the bug that the new added languages in v3.9 can not be hidden from the language menu.
  • Fix the volatile search direction bug.
  • Fix the Tab display problem.
  • Add Haskell, InnoSetup languages support.
  • Add the option to open/save files in the last operation directory.
  • Enhance Document switcher (MRU and switch crossing view abilities).
  • Fix “Find Next” unicode bug for Find Replace Dialog.
  • Support Unicode in displayed result of Find in files & Find in all opened files.
  • Add Reload from disk feature.
  • Fix bug : quite (close or restart Windows) without prompt to save.
  • All the shortcuts of plugins commands are customizable via the shortcut mapper

If you’re a programmer then you’ll surely love Notepad++ with its syntax highlighting. It supports all kinds of languages including C++, Java, PHP, HTML, ASP, and much more. When you’re just trying to make a quick edit, whether it be to source code or any text document, there is nothing better than to have Notepad++ a click away!

Download Notepad++ 4.0 (Mirror)