Have you always wanted to add more to your Google Personalized Home Page, like a better bookmark system? Well, now you can thanks to a site to centralize all the modules that people make for the Google Home Page. If you have made your own module that you can submit it here so that other people can also benefit from it. This is a great idea but is not officially run by Google. This means that Google does not host any of the content that is displayed, so for a bookmark module it will be a third party site that will save and maintain the different sites you bookmark. For security reasons, you may want to check who the publisher of each module is to see if they are a reliable source. At least this way you can display your bookmarks for your account!

Of course, if you want to stick with Official Google Modules, then you can visit the forever-growing site where Google accepts module submissions and may eventually add them for you to add to your Google Home Page.

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