Now You Can Try Out Google's New Interface

An individual over at Download Squad has found a way to get the new Google interface that is pictured above. This interface was released months ago to random users (or what appears to be random) but not everyone could try it out. This is a cookie ‘hack’ that will trick Google into thinking you were meant to test it out.

If you just want to test it out real quick without going through the whole process below then there is just one simple thing you have to do. Right click on this link and select “Copy This Address”. Paste the text into the address bar and press “Enter”. Then you will see a pop-up box which verifies that you have entered the cookie in, just press “OK” to continue. Now go to Google and feel the ‘power’ of the new search! Remember, this is a temporary solution and the next time you restart your browser Google will be back to the same old way.

Here is the more permanent trick:

  1. Download and install the Add N Edit Cookies extension. Restart Firefox.

  2. Run the extension by going to Tools > Cookie Editor.

  3. Type "google" into the box at the top and click "Filter/Refresh". Scroll through the list and look for a cookie called "PREF" (Disclaimer: I don’t know what this cookie is really for, so modify it at your own risk!).

    1. If it exists, double-click on it and change the "Content" field to the following (remove the line break first):


    2. If it does not exist, you must create it. Click on Add. Enter PREF for the Name and the bold string above for Content. Set the Domain to and / for the Path. Set the expiration date to whatever you want–pick "Expire at end of session" if you only want to see the "new" Google until the next time you launch Firefox. Otherwise set a date far in the future.

  4. Click Save and then close out of the Cookie Editor. The next time you search Google you should see the new search results page. If you get sick of it, you can just delete to cookie and it’ll go away.

News Source: Download Squad