vista crashes Those of you experiencing crashes in Vista may not actually have Microsoft to blame. As many of you know there is currently a class action lawsuit going on regarding what Microsoft classifies as “Vista Capable.” Amidst all of the email communication they were required to provide was a list of reasons Vista had crashed.

Of over 1.5 million crashes they had recorded a whopping 479,000 were related to NVIDIA products and drivers. The runner up was of course Microsoft, and some of the others can be seen in the pie graph above. So those of you running Vista and having some troubles may actually have NVIDIA to blame for your woes. These stats were taken sometime in 2007, and I expect that by this time NVIDIA has probably solved many of the issues that have caused crashes for Vista users though.

The slightly unreadable, but more complete list of companies causing crashes in Vista is available in PDF form. Jump to page 47 where you’ll find a tiny grid of text that goes on for several pages, and it even includes software companies in the list.

All of my Vista machines have ATI cards in them, and I’ve never had any problems with the drivers they have available. Are any of you NVIDIA owners running Vista having the apparently abundant crashes?

Ars [via Download Squad]