Office 2007 Ribbon It turns out that a smaller Ribbon in the next release of Office 2007 was just a myth that was being spread. The UK Product Manager for Office 2007 was the one that dispelled these rumors.

There will still be the auto-hide feature which was mentioned a few days ago but they have not slimmed down the Ribbon. He believes that the new auto-hide feature was originally mistaken as them reducing the size of the Ribbon.

I actually like the amount of room that the Ribbon takes up because it makes it a lot easier to find what I am looking for. I’m not sure if I will auto-hide it but that is strongly dependent on how the feature will work. If I just have to hover over a menu to reveal the Ribbon then I will probably use it but I don’t think I would want an extra click.

Hopefully they will release the Office 2007 Technical Refresh soon because I’m sure it will be a great just like Beta 2 was. I have been using Beta 2 for months and there are only a few glitches that I’ve come across.