iPhone and iPod Touch users have been patiently waiting for Apple to launch the WebApps directory so that they could easily browse through the available options and determine which apps they want.  Seeing as the apps included in this directory are specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you’d think that Apple would have made an iPhone version of the directory so that it would be easy for people to use while on their devices, but they didn’t. That’s right, Apple’s WebApps directory is not iPhone friendly – a big whoops on the part of Apple, I’d say!

iPhone users over at TUAW couldn’t believe that Apple did this, and some were questioning what on earth was going on in Cupertino that Apple didn’t think to format the site for the devices it services. Here’s a sample of the comments:

  • “So, Apple launched a part of their website that is specifically made for being viewed on an iPod touch or iPhone, and they chose NOT to design it specifically for being viewed on an iPod touch or an iPhone? What’s the point?” says Andrew Harrison
  • “Ironically, Apple’s Web Apps website isn’t a web app. A missed opportunity if you ask me” says NutMac
  • “So, no iPhone version of this site to launch web apps from? What is Apple smoking?” says bmoney
  • “I can’t believe it’s not formatted to fit the iPhone screen! says hallohallohola

webapps directory

Aside from the disappointment that Apple didn’t think this clearly through, lets take a look at the directory itself. The complete directory can be found here, and you’ll notice that they divide all of the apps into categories like entertainment, games, news, sports, travel, and more.  Another great feature is that you can view the list of the most popular apps, view “Staff Picks”, or just view all of the different applications in alphabetical order. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 most popular apps for the iPhone right now:

  1. Bejeweled – the classic game!
  2. iPhonus Sudoku – free Sudoku on your iPhone
  3. Hahlo -Keep up with Twitter using Hahlo on your iPhone
  4. Scenario Poker – Texas Hold ’em
  5. 101 Cookbooks – Recipes formatted for the iPhone
  6. Digg iPhone App – browse social news site Digg from your phone
  7. Tipr – need help to calculate a tip while you’re at a restaurant?
  8. SmugMug – the popular photo sharing site
  9. Ultralingua Mobile – dictionaries in multiple languages like French, Spanish, and German, formatted for the iPhone
  10. ESPN PodCenter – keep up with ESPN podcasts on your iPhone or iPod Touch

I’d assume that Apple has been made aware of the fact that the site isn’t friendly for iPhone or iPod Touch users, and that they’ll go about correcting this issue soon.