Last May when Google first launched Google Gears to bring applications offline, there was a lot of talk about which applications everybody would like to see with offline capabilities. Since that time there haven’t been a whole lot of web-apps that have taken the plunge and so the wish-list has pretty much remained the same. Topping our list was Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Gmail. All would be great to have offline and now it looks as though two of the three will have offline capabilities soon.

If you log in to Google Calendar and click “Settings,” you’ll notice that there’s a new “offline” tab. It says, “to view and edit calendars when you’re not connected to the Internet, install the Google Gears browser plug-in.” Even though there’s the offline tab, you still can’t take your calendar offline at this point so Google isn’t quite ready to launch this. The new offline tab in the settings, combined with the fact that code was recently discovered on the Google Calendar Page that would prompt a user to install Google Gears to receive access to three months of calendar data offline, tells us that it will be launching soon.

calendar offline

And of course we can’t forget the offline access for Google Docs that we assume is coming as well after that big hint in January. Once Google Docs and Google Calendar get marked off of the list, all that will remain on our “must-have” list is Gmail!

Source: Download Squad