The last time we wrote about the One Laptop Per Child program was late September when it was announced that they’d go on sale starting November 12th.  Consumers who want to buy one will be required to actually purchase two — one for them, and one to give.  This “Give 1 Get 1″ program will cost $399, and is still set to start on November 12th. Despite the fact that there are about two weeks left before the launch to consumers, the foundation has already started to sell the laptops, but only to those who are wanting to donate.

As BetaNews reports, it’s all about donation at this point. If you visit the foundation’s site, you’ll see that there are three options. Someone can donate 100+, 1000+, or 10,000+ laptops with the price fluctuating based upon the number donated.  For someone who decides they’d like to give 100 or more laptops to the location of their choice, they’ll be charged $299 per laptop with $99 from each laptop going to fund another 50 laptops that would be sent to a country that the foundation chooses.  For those giving 1000 or more to the country of their choice, they’ll pay $249 per laptop with $49 from each going to fund another 250 laptops.  For those wanting to give 10,000 or more, they’ll be charged $200 per laptop and can choose where they’d like the laptops to be sent.

Seeing as the purpose of the whole program is to provide children in lesser-developed countries with a tool to learn, I think it’s great that they’re starting out with a “donation” drive before they start the Give 1 Get 1 program. They’ve had their fair share of setbacks and delays, so it’s exciting to see the sales of these computers finally start.