Omnidrive Online file storage is becoming increasingly popular and a highly talked about service called Omnidrive will be bringing down the barriers so that anyone can register for a free account. This will happen tomorrow at 12:01AM PST which is about 14-hours from now.

Like other online file storage solutions Omnidrive has a software application that will let you easily share a folder with another user and even access your files right from your “My Computer.” This takes the hassle out of pulling up the web page every time that you want to transfer a file.

The well developed program has earned a lot of praise around the web over the last few months but the 1GB of free storage is a bit meek. Even AOL is offering a free 5GB of storage with their recently acquired service called Xdrive. If  you need more space on Omnidrive it will cost you $40 a year to receive 10GB and their FAQ’s page says that you can get up to 500GB “at a very reasonable price.”

I’ll probably try out the Omnidrive when it does launch so that I can accurately compare different services to see what is best for me, but I wish Google would come out with some kind of service to blow everyone else out of the water. We all keep saying to ourselves that it will be soon but then it never comes. :(