Omnigo While this rumor may be completely unconfirmed, and the source of this rumor (Computer Symposiums) credits an anonymous tipster, it’s still interesting to speculate. Apparently Microsoft is working on a “secret operating system” which is being built with touch devices in mind.  This finger friendly operating system code-named Omnigo is said to be released sometime in 2008. Also interesting is that this would be another version of Windows that wouldn’t be based upon DOS.

When I say “touch devices,” I’m referring to Microsoft’s Surface Computer which has been a project in the making for several years now. Thus far, Microsoft’s previous operating systems have been geared towards input devices other than fingers, like a stylus or keyboard. Apple managed to come up with a “finger-friendly” operating system for the iPhone, so it makes sense that Microsoft would be working on their own OS that would suit fingers well. And perhaps this operating system would even be used for their own phone or other gadgets?

Microsoft usually has a rhyme and a reason for the code-names that they come up with, and usually it’s something pretty unique. That’s why I’m a little surprised that Microsoft would choose the name Omingo when HP already has a handheld organizer device called OmniGo. Granted, HP’s OmniGo was released back in 1995, but it still surprises me nonetheless.

If Omnigo is more than just a rumor, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft intends to use it, how consumers will react to it, and whether or not it’ll be as intuitive as I’m imagining it to be.


Source: Computer Symposiums [via ActiveWin]