Im Feeling Lucky Back in October Google’s Vice President of search products, Marissa Mayer, said that less than 1% of Google’s visitors use the I’m Feeling Lucky button. I wasn’t surprised to hear that it was used that little, but despite being such a small percentage it still has a big impact on Google.

When users click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button they are immediately taken to the website of the first result. That means they bypass the search results page all together, and thereby miss all of the ads. Although the I’m Feeling Lucky button gets little usage analysts are estimating that having the button costs Google $110 million in ad revenue every year.

I’m sure the estimated revenue from the button is a little bit off since we don’t know exact usage stats, but the fact of the matter is that it costs them millions of dollars. Google is leaving that button there simply because people have grown accustomed to see it, but who would have thought that they would lose out on millions of dollars because of it?

[via Valleywag]