samsung ssd bomb I’m sure there are quite a few nerds tech-savvy individuals out there clamoring to get their hands on a computer that uses a Solid State Drive (SSD), but the pricetag is a little daunting. For example, to get a 64GB SSD in the MacBook Air it will run you an extra $1300. Dell doesn’t murder you quite as much since they only charge $650 to get a 64GB drive in the machine, but that’s still a hefty price to pay.

Some users have been willing to part with the extra cash to get the speed and reliability that a SSD is supposed to bring to a machine. Dell is denying that there are any big issues with the drives, but Avi Cohen (from Avian Securities) says that they are in fact experiencing extreme high failure rates. Avi says that 20 to 30 percent of notebooks sold with the Solid State Drives are being returned, and that Dell is finding 10 to 20 percent of the drives to have troubles before even getting installed in a machine.

The manufacturer of the drives in question is Samsung, but a Dell spokeswoman said that the numbers are off by a factor of ten. I’m not really sure who to believe on this one because it’s obvious that Dell wouldn’t admit to this, but a 20 to 30 percent failure rate is absolutely insane. If it was true it definitely helps explain why the prices are insanely high since so many of the drives would have to be junked.

Do you know anyone with a computer that has a SSD in it?

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