We’ve been covering One Laptop Per Child for a long time now.  Back in December of 2005, Quanta was announced as the Manufacturer, and it was known as the $100 Laptop. Since the original announcement, there have been all kinds of changes in look, function, and even price. As of now, the laptops will cost around $130 which isn’t too far off from the original target.  Eventually, the price is expected to creep down to around $100 which makes this an extremely affordable option for countries to look into.

Different companies and organizations have been catering to the project, like Opera with their web browser designed specifically for this purpose. Wikipedia has also gotten in on the OLPC Project, and computers will come loaded with Wikipedia articles for offline viewing.

After much speculation, and media coverage, the first 1 million units have been confirmed.While Libya was the first to order the units, the first million are going to a number of different countries like Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Thailand, and Uruguay.

You may also remember the rumor that the OLPC might possibly go retail.  After the first shipment to developing countries, it will definitely be interesting to see what will come of it in the United States as far as the retail aspect goes.

And as Daily Tech points out, the price may drop even sooner with Intel testing OLPC’s competition, the Classmate PC in Brazil.