When Ed sent me this tip I was a little skeptical about how well a reverse dictionary would work but OneLook is absolutely amazing. The normal dictionary lookup is awesome itself and has definitely won my heart over, but then there is also the priceless “Reverse Dictionary.”

I say priceless because we have all had those moments where you just can’t think of that word and it is on the tip of your tongue. Well, OneLook is here to help you! In the search I did above I typed in “a big rock” with boulder being the word I was trying to describe. I was very impressed that the result was number 3!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to customize your OneLook experience using the “Customize” option in the upper-right corner. Heck, they’re even kind enough to let you remove the large advertisement banner if you want a cleaner looking interface.

There is no extension for Firefox or other browsers available but they do have a bookmarklet that you can use to quickly lookup a word. Clicking on it will prompt you with a popup box and once you have entered in a word it will take you to their site and define it. This will undoubtedly be my new dictionary service!

Thanks for the tip Ed!