Every year Donation Coder holds an event called “New Apps for the New Year” (NANY) where developers do some cramming in order to whip up small but useful apps. The NANY 2011 event came to an end on January 1st, and there’s no doubt that many of the 30+ apps available will only be downloaded by a very small subset of users. There was one, however, that really caught my attention: JottiQ.

Jotti, not to be confused with the new JottiQ application, is a website that is comparable to VirusTotal. You can upload files to the site and have it scanned against a bunch of antivirus applications. The JottiQ app, however, is a great replacement for needing to interact with the Jotti website. You can queue up files that you want to be scanned, but one of the super cool things is that you can have it scan all of the executables that are associated to processes you currently have running. Now that is slick.

Some other features of JottiQ include:

  • Uses Jotti’s internal cache to speed up scans by avoiding the uploading of files that have already been scanned in the past
  • Lists scanners with detections at the top of their list in red
  • Open scan results in your browser
  • Context menu integration lets you right-click and select “Scan with JottiQ” on a file
  • Up to three files can be scanned (processed) simultaneously.
  • Items that have been scanned and are deemed safe can automatically be removed from the queue.

After using this for a little while I’d say this is by far one of the most useful apps I’ve seen come out of any NANY event, and it is definitely worth checking out. These a few more of the apps available from NANY 2011 that I thought were at least worth mentioning:

  • Webcam Video Diary – A program to help you quickly record, label, and manage videos and photos from your webcam throughout the day
  • Quick Cliq – A portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool
  • Auspex – Automatically replace and complete text strings as you type
  • Duplicate Photo Finder – Find and delete duplicate photos

Kudos to all the developers who put in their own time to contribute all these apps!