Heart collage

Want to throw a quick shape collage together using online image sources such as Facebook, Instagram, or a simple Google Image Search? Loupe has to be one of the best tools for doing that. In just a few clicks you can have dozens of images related to any subject pulled in and formed into a variety of shapes. If you’re trying to spell a word with the images you can use their type tool to write the word, and it will adjust the layout of the images perfectly to form the word.

Did it not turn out exactly how you want? You can click on individual photos and drag them around to get them in the exact position that you want. Or once you click on a photo it will give you an option to delete it in the event that it doesn’t blend well with the others. Once you’re done with a collage you can save it to your computer or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or over email.

Need some inspiration? Hop on over to their gallery to see some of the other collages that users have created. Unfortunately you can’t clone an existing collage and add to it, but maybe that will be something they’ll add down the road.

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