symantec acquires swapdrive.pngThe online data backup market has gotten swollen lately with services like Mozy,, and Carbonite as well as companies like HP (Upline) and Microsoft all offering solutions. Now it looks as though Symantec too wants to get in the online data backup market by acquiring a company called SwapDrive.

SwapDrive calls themselves the leader in file sharing and backup services. Like many other services out there, their customers are able to remotely backup, store, and access their information online. As of June, Symantec completed their acquisition of the company and said that what SwapDrive offers fits right into their strategy.

Our question now is whether Symantec will be incorporating SwapDrive into their Security Suite like Microsoft has done with Windows Live OneCare? You may or may not know this, but part of what OneCare offers besides the antivirus and anti-spyware is a backup and restore feature. They offer “centralized backup management” to make it easy for people to keep their data backed-up.

After doing some digging around, we answered our own question and found saying, “Symantec will integrate SwapDrive’s service into its Norton consumer storage and security products, selling online storage space as part of broader subscription software packages.

So there we have it, Symantec will soon be adding an online data backup solution to their security suite which tells us that the majority of you won’t be able to take advantage of it. We’ve talked about Norton before, and the general consensus from many of you is that it’s bloated and near useless. Still though, it’s an interesting move for Symantec to make.