I’m sure I’m not the only one with an increasing electricity bill, so wouldn’t it be nice to be able to calculate an estimate of what your monthly electrical bill will be based upon the electric items in your home? There are two online usage calculators that I came across which are worth checking out. While they’re certainly not going to be exact, they will give you an idea of how much money you spend each month to pay for your dryer or dishwasher, or any of the other luxuries you have.

Consumers Power

The first site is www.consumerspower.org and they offer a really rough estimate of what your electricity bill will be each month. All you have to do is enter which items you run like a refrigerator or freezer. You’ll also enter in how many loads of laundry you do each week, and how many of those are washed with warm, hot, or cold water. I entered in all of my information and it calculated that my electricity bill would be about $114 each month. In reality, my bill is usually about $60-70 each month so it wasn’t quite right. What is good about it though is that it shows on average about how much money you spend each month for a certain item.  For example, on average, it costs $13.72 a month to run a refrigerator.  For a freezer it costs about $14.33 per month on average to run.


Generic Electrical Energy Cost Calculator

What I like about the Generic Electrical Energy Cost Calculator found here is that you can enter in how much time each of your items gets used.  This can make quite a difference in your energy bill! Using this calculator you can enter in specifics like how many watts your microwave is, and how many minutes it gets used in a month. It also has more items than the first calculator that we talked about like a vacuum cleaner, clock, radio, electric blanket, and more. If you take the time to fill it all out, you should have a pretty good idea of what your electric bill will be every month and where you could save energy by using something less.

electricity calculator

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