Dropdo online file viewer

It can be a pain sharing files with other people if you don’t know whether they will have issues opening a document, or whether they even have the necessary programs installed. For example, lets say you had a Photoshop file that you wanted to show someone. Do you just send them the original file in hopes that they’ll be able to open it, or do you take the time to save it into a more universally accepted image format?

Dropdo wants to solve this exact issue by working to become a universal online file viewer. To get a file on the site you can upload it or point it to a file that already exists on the web. Here’s an overview and some examples of the different types of files that can be uploaded and viewed online:

If you try to use a file format that Dropdo doesn’t directly support it will still accept it, but it will only be able to provide a download link rather than using a web-based viewer. According to the FAQs you are restricted to files that are smaller than 25MB, but the good news is that files will stick around indefinitely (unless they violate the terms of service). The big drawback is that as of right now there’s no way to have your file(s) removed without emailing the developer. Hopefully that feature will be coming.

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