online photoshop express screenshot
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Adobe announced back in March that they intended to create an online Photoshop that is geared towards home and casual computer users. The solution that they came up with, called Photoshop Express, will offer a simplistic interface that is free for everyone to use. However, it will be ad supported (I’m guessing that’s what the box in the bottom-right corner of the screenshot is for).

The online Photoshop Express is not yet available, and all we have to go on at this point is the screenshot that has been provided by John Nack, the Senior Product Manager of Adobe Photoshop. Aside from the screenshot the only feature he mentioned was being able to  "adjust an image just by rolling over the different versions shown at the top, previewing the results & then clicking the desired degree of modification."

I think I’ve been able to draw some fairly accurate conclusions by analyzing the screenshot of Photoshop Express:

  • Options available in the sidebar:
    • Crop and rotate photos
    • Auto correct is available (hopefully this is as good as Photoshop’s)
    • White balance adjustments
    • Tuning – probably adjusting hue, saturation, exposure, etc…
    • Details – might be some basic filters from Photoshop, such as blurring
    • Touchup – probably things like removing red eye and fixing small imperfections in the photo
    • Fun – probably for adding shapes, callouts, etc…
    • Recent – things you’ve recently applied to the image?
  • Zoom in and out
  • Undo/redo or reset the photo back to the original
  • A history of your edited photos is kept in the sidebar
  • A history of changes to the current photo is in the top bar
  • You can save an image, or export it (probably to Photoshop)

So that’s my best guess of what the online Photoshop Express will have at launch, and all of that is based solely on the screenshot. One of the more interesting things that I’ve noticed is missing from it is a lacking of layer management. One of Photoshop’s strongest features is being able to manage insane amounts of layers, but I see no section dedicated to that type of feature in the online version.

I would say that the best online Photoshop clone has got to be Fauxto. The interface is extremely close to that of Photoshop, and it has an extensive list of features available (including layer management). I would say that Adobe should have just acquired this site instead of making their own version of Photoshop online, but I have a feeling that Adobe wouldn’t have been comfortable with Fauxto since it is a bit too close to the real deal.

Source: Adobe Blog [via CrunchGear]