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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve used the free RegExr online regular expression tester in the past, but a comment on that article by Oliver pointed out another regex tester that I enjoy because of its sheer simplicity. The thing I wasn’t always fond of with RegExr is that it’s Flash-based and didn’t work on mobile devices such as my iPad. Sure, it’s not often that I’d want to do this on my iPad, but it would be a great way to test an idea that pops in my head when I’m on-the-go.

The site, Rejex, is purely powered by JavaScript though which means it will work fine in most browsers. When you visit the homepage you’ll see that it has a field for the regular expression, the string you want to test against, some options (case insensitive matching, global matching, and multiline matching), and finally a box that displays any matches. Getting results is fast because there is no submit button… it’s all done on-the-fly as you’re typing. It also includes a quick reference guide below the input fields for many of the common predefined character classes.

Despite how great Rejex is there is definitely still a place in my bookmarks for RegExr, which is able to display more details about matches and groupings than Rejex does. So if you’re looking for a powerful online regex editor you’ll probably want to stick with RegExr, otherwise Rejex is about as fast and simple as it gets.

Rejex Homepage