Train of thought

We all use todo lists in different ways, and the great thing about them is that most of the time they can take whatever form we need them to. They can keep track of what needs to be done around the house, or help us remember the things we need to pack for a trip we’re about to take.

Thoughtboxes is an online todo manager that groups various lists into what they call trains of thought. You can create up to three of these groupings with their free account, and that is likely all that most people will need. From within a train of thought you can add an unlimited number of lists.

What’s cool is that the interface supports dragging-and-dropping of the lists for reordering them, and they can be color coded with one of six pre-defined colors. Plus you can share thoughts to make them viewable (not editable) by anyone.

This kind of service won’t be for everyone, but I’m sure some of you would like to have a simple todo-focused homepage like this.

Thoughtboxes Homepage