Vista Logo We all knew this day would come, didn’t we? Maybe it’s not as serious as you may think but it is funny nonetheless. Microsoft’s Connect users have been able to request new product keys for each release that they have downloaded. However, it looks like Microsoft hit a little bump today when members tried to get new keys:

We are currently out of additional keys for package “5342 and Up Ultimate”. We will have more keys available for download within 72 hours. Please do NOT send mail to MCHelp or LHBeta regarding this issue.”

I don’t see what the big deal is because they should just be able to use their old keys like the rest of us? The Beta 2 key that you received can also be activated on up to 10 computers so it isn’t like they need more keys…unless you are a business that likes to run a pre-released operating system.

I’m sure this issue is part of the reason that Microsoft won’t let the public get new keys for Vista RC1. From what I have seen in the past there are plenty of hackers that could probably help Microsoft get some more keys. :)

News Source: APC