Oops...Netscape Got Hacked

For those people who haven’t seen the Digg story with more than 4500 Diggs then you will find this pretty funny. At about 5:30AM (Central Time) I received an email from a tipster named Phillimac saying that Netscape had been hacked because he received the above message. Unfortunately by the time I received the message I wasn’t seeing the popup and I didn’t want to post anything until I had a screenshot. Eventually a story made it to the front page of Digg and it included some screenshots. The different messages in the screenshots were exactly what Phillimac said they were. There are two other screenshots available of different popups where one says “Tom Way is the sexiest man alive” and another says “This site sucks. go here instead:“. The messages were designed to redirect the users to Digg after pressing the “OK” button. It is actually pretty comical and luckily for millions of users there was no malicious code injected into the site. Think of the chaos this whole thing could have caused.