ClamAVSourcefire announced today that they acquired the open source antivirus application called ClamAV. This news conveniently comes just one week after ClamAV was ranked one of the best antivirus applications for the Linux operating system. It even beat out almost all of the commercial solutions that were available.

Here’s what Sourcefire had to say about the acquisition:

With nearly 1 million unique IP addresses downloading ClamAV malware updates daily across more than 120 mirrors in 38 countries, ClamAV is one of the most broadly adopted open source security projects worldwide.

The ClamAV team will remain dedicated to the project as Sourcefire employees, continuing their management of the project on a day-to-day basis.

Sourcefire is best known for their open source Snort application that has been around since 1998. It’s used to perform packet logging and real-time traffic analysis on networks to detect and prevent of intrusions. It also supports the scanning of packets using *drumroll* ClamAV!

Don’t worry though, ClamAV will remain open source and will still be actively developed by the core team. Overall, this has got to be a good thing because the project will now have the engineering and financial backing of a much larger organization.

Note: ClamAV was created to work with Unix-based computers, but there is also a Windows version available.

ClamAV FAQ’s Regarding the Acquisition
Sourcefire FAQ’s Regarding the Acquisition (PDF)
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Source: CyberNet Forum (Thanks Richard!)