Open with program

The interface for managing the default “open with” programs in Windows isn’t the best, and in the past we’ve recommended utilities that make managing the default apps a little easier. Coffee brings a refreshing spin on the task at hand by temporarily modifying the default programs for a given file extension, but leaving the OS settings in tact.

What Coffee does is it lets you set the default application for any file extension without modifying the Windows Registry. This is useful in a variety of scenarios, but given the fact that Coffee is a free and portable app means that this is a perfect compliment to your USB drive or Dropbox account.

How do I use Coffee? I store the app in my Dropbox account which is synced to all my machines. Since my Dropbox folder is in the same place on all my computers I can use Coffee to set the default apps for things such as TXT files to other portable programs such as Notepad++, which are also stored in my Dropbox account. Basically with my configuration I can sit down at any of my computers, start Coffee, and instantly have my favorite portable apps set to open the file extensions I use the most frequently.

There are a lot of other features that make Coffee great, such as the ability to set an alternative application. With that in place you can open a file in the secondary app by holding down the Alt key and double-clicking on the shortcut. Genius!

Coffee Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)